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Co-Produced Products

In 2019 the Living Museum of Umm Qais project ran a collaborative course working with students and early career professionals building capacity in Heritage presentation and promotion. The course focussed on Umm Qais as a test case and produced a range of prototype materials aimed at domestic and international visitors to the site.

The participants in the course came from a range of disciplines, from architecture, heritage, design and art and the co-produced materials reflect this multidisciplinary approach. Four supporting tutors in art, design, film production and digital technology facilitated the co-production of the participants outputs.

The co-produced work can be seen on the following pages under three headings:

The participants work was showcased to international audiences as part of the project's two exhibitions at the Umm Qais Museum in 2021. To view the virtual version of the exhibition visit our Virtual Tours.

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