Economy and Tourism

The local economy in the past was founded on agricultural production, including on land overlying the archaeological remains of ancient Gadara. Increasing tourism and the attempt to protect the archaeology at the expense of the local community in the past had a large  negative impact of the economy. More balanced approaches working collaboratively with the surrounding community are providing both greater protection to the archaeology and economic benefits to Umm Qais.

Interview with Firas Al-Rousan: Building with the past, living among the archaeology

Interview with Umm Hiba: Visiting the arcaheological remains, shops and the barter economy

The Living Museum of Umm Qais project has been interviewing the people of Umm Qais, recording the oral histories of the community. The following videos are excerpts from this archive in which people describe their memories of the community, it's rituals and events in the life of the community.

Throughout the project we are processing more interview material collected by our project volunteers in Umm Qais so look out for new material uploaded here.