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20th Century


Village hosts diplomatic talks

The Madafa and Hosh (courtyard) of Hajj Mahmoud al Rousan’s house in Umm Qais hosted a conference of Arab leaders from across the middle east to draw up a treaty in response to the British and French plan to divide the region following the end of the British and French Mandates.


New Village School

Opening of the village school by HRH the Late King Abdullah making it the third oldest school in the Jordan following those in Salt and Kerak. The school was built by the people of Umm Qais and originally had only two classrooms taught by Baseem Khammash a teacher from Nablus. It provided education for pupils up to 10years old, children who wished to continue education beyond 10 travelled to attend schools in either Irbid or Acre. After the relocation of the village in the 1980s the school closed.


Arab - Israeli war

During the 1967 Arab-Israeli war the site was on the front line of the conflict again being utilised for its high strategic position. Heavy shelling from the Golan Heights and aircraft bombing damaged both the village and ancient city. During the conflict, the Roman mausoleum below the 5 aisled basilica was discovered by accident by the Jordanian army and was used as a temporary field hospital.

1976 - 1987


The people of the upper quarter of Umm Qais were relocated from their traditional courtyard houses in the village to houses at the western end of the modern town. 460 donums of agricultural land located over the archaeological remains of Gadara was confiscated.

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