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LMUQ Project Partners

Department of Antiquities
Amman, Jordan
Carol PalmerBW.jpg
CBRL British Institute
Amman, Jordan
The Jordan Museum
Amman, Jordan
The Jordan Museum
Amman, Jordan

Mrs Samia Khouri is Director of Museums and Awareness Directorate  at the Jordanian Department of Antiquities. She has extensive experience managing, interpreting and promoting the public benefits of the cultural heritage of Jordan. She is an ICOM representative for Jordan and researches methods to use museums to promote archaeological awareness in the local communities.

Dr Carol Palmer is Director of the CBRL British Institute in Amman. She is an anthropologist, environmental archaeologist and botanist. Her research interests concentrate on recording rural life in its many forms and through her close research collaboration with Dr Emma Jenkins  she is documenting and analysing rural settlement in Jordan using ethnographic analogy to answer key archaeological questions about building construction, use of space and animal husbandry, and other potential site functions

His Excellency Mr Ihab Amarin is Director of The Jordan Museum in Amman. 

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Mohammad Al-Qaisi is the Senior Education & Outreach Specialist of the Jordan Museum. 

Prior to joining The Jordan Museum in 2011, he worked for the Directorate of Education and Military culture. In his current role he is responsible for strategic planning, developing exhibition programming and leads The Jordan Museum's programs for schools and community groups providing curriculum development expertise designing educational heritage programs and activities for children.

Umm Qais Archaeological Site
Umm Qais, Jordan
Ehab Al_JaririBW.jpg
Department of Antiquities
Amman, Jordan

Mr Mosa Malkawi is the Director of Antiquities for the site of Umm Qais in Northern Jordan. He has a Bachelors degree in Archeology and spent 14 years working at the Roman city of Jerash in Jordan during which time he was responsible for the excavation of the Roman bathhouse. He has considerable expertise in the excavation, restoration and maintenance of Heritage sites in  Jordan  working with many local and international groups.

Mr Ehab Jariri is a specialist senior land surveyor and 3D scanning modeler in the Jordanian  Department of Antiquities. 

Since joining the Department of Antiquities in 2011, he has developed extensive expertise  applying 3D laser scanning and photogrammetry to the  documentation, and recording of archaeological and heritage sites throughout Jordan helping to ensure their long-term preservation. 

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