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Workshop 1: Mapping the Multilayered Heritage of Umm Qais

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

Sustainable preservation of Gadara's ancient site & Ottoman Village.

14th - 17th June 2019, Umm Qais, Jordan.

We held our first workshop at Umm Qais in June 2019.

The workshop was designed to build capacity in strategies and practical methods for applying smart and digital technologies to research, record, document and analyse heritage sites, their multilayered histories.

The workshop trained early career researchers and heritage professionals on the purpose, use and strategies for analytical archaeological methods, public engagement and use of digital technologies to document and preserve heritage sites in Jordan.

The workshop provided hands on experience with terrestrial laser scanning and semi-automated processing of archaeological and spatial datasets to generate digital models of heritage sites.

We brought together experts and researchers in heritage conservation, archaeology, Surveying, virtual technology, museums and user engagement to practically engage in the fieldwork preservation activities. Around 40 participants took part including scholars and specialists from the UK and Jordan working closely with local community members, residents and young people to develop an inclusive strategy for preservation in Umm Qais.

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