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Could arts and crafts help save the ancient marvel of Umm Qais?

An international team of researchers are connecting Jordan’s creative industries to a new generation of artists, with the aim of preserving a remarkable heritage.

Mention heritage sites in Jordan and most people think of Petra, the famous city carved into the rock. Few know of Jordan’s other archaeological marvels, among them Umm Qais, the site of the ancient city of Gadara.

But the relative obscurity of Umm Qais has left it at risk of deterioration, a situation University of Leeds Professor of Architecture, Gehan Selim, is determined to reverse.

Now Professor Selim is leading a team that’s working with people in modern-day Umm Qais, to help a younger generation deepen their connections to the history and heritage of the site — and ultimately build their future livelihoods around it...... read more

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